The Munro Tent

18 March 2016, 12:00 am Written by 
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Having completed the second to last Open University assignment for this year, I had the time yesterday afternoon to pitch the expedition tent for the first time! It took me ages to decide which tent to buy, but, you will be pleased to know, not as long to pitch it in The Bustard garden. 

It is really small, and just about squeezes one man and his dog inside. BUT, it is all worth it because it only weighs 1.5kg. 


Isla does not quite know what to think of it and I need to insert an extra groundsheet so her claws don't tear through the lightweight one it came with.

Either way, the tent is certainly living up to expectations so far. We will have too see how it copes with a 4 day training expedition in Dartmoor over the Easter weekend. Suddenly, everything is becoming all too real! 

Keep you posted...... 

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