Revamped Munro Marathon Training

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Following the Dartmoor practice expedition, I realised I needed to change the way I was training.

YES - running 5 times per week is great for my cardiovascular fitness, but it is also very specific. It trains me to run. I will not be running my MunroMarathon! I will be walking, with a 20kg pack, up hill for an awful lot of it! 

So, the new plan is increased variety, increased resistance training to build muscle, and walking with a pack, which I will start at 5kg, and increase gradually. Still exercising 5 times per week, and taking Isla with me too so she can train as well.

Monday: Run at least 4km plus resistance work

Tuesday: Cycle (distance TBC and need to train Isla to run alongside the bike!) plus resistance work

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Walk at least 5km with a pack 

Friday: Run or cycle at least 4km plus resistance work

Saturday: Walk at least 5km with a pack 

Sunday: Rest

Resistance work = Box Jump x 10, Pull Ups x 5, Squats x 20, Press ups x 10, Lunge Squats x 20 and Burpees x 10. All of that x 3! 

With all the increased exercise, I also need to increase my protein and energy intake, so I have just got some dairy-free protein powder from MyProtein. 

When I signed up for the Munro Marathon, I did not really appreciate the amount of work and training that would need to go into it. It was just going to be an adventure. In a way, I am pleased it is going to be a challenge and hard work! Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth sponsoring! 

Keep you posted....


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