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16 April 2016, 12:00 am Written by 
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Written by Isla (she is a very clever spaniel!)

Having now had the opportunity to test out the new fleece pyjamas for when Naomi and I go on our 3 week expedition, I am pleased to report it is perfect.

Not only does it help to dry me off when I get very wet and muddy, it is also wonderful for snuggling into overnight and keeps me roasty toasty warm. Naomi says I can only wear it in the tent, which is very annoying when I need a toilet break because I have to take it off, go outside and get a little bit chilly, then come back into the tent and have it put back on. Whilst it is a faff, it does mean it will be vaguely clean for the next time I need to use it.

I would definitely recommend this to all my furry friends.

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Price                     5/5 Stars

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Comfort                 5/5 Stars

THANK YOU VERY MUCH SARAH for all your hard work, imagination and sewing machine! 

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