The Marathon is over...

3 August 2016, 12:00 am
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Hi to all my followers!

I am very glad to to say that my Munro Marathon is over (I know I shouldn't say that but wow that was Hard!) over the 3 weeks I completed 20 mountains over 3000ft (only 15 were Munros but that is a classification thing) travelled over 1800 miles and ran into some seriously rough weather. 

In fact the weather was so bad that in the middle of the expedition I had to take poor Ilsa home as she wore her pads smooth and became lame, this meant a 3 day 800 mile trip home which is why I only managed to finish 20 mountains not he 26 I was hoping for.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the two support crews who came with me... you know who you are and to everybody who has followed my blog and given me such amazing support you are wonderful people!

Munro Update

14 March 2016, 12:00 am
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Well, time marches on and I am no closer to organising the finer (or any) details of the epic adventure. Unfortunately, things ground to a halt following illness and a pending Open University assignment (Naomi) and lameness (Isla - poor wonder dog). 


As a result, Isla is on bed rest and lead walks only, but I am back on nearly fighting form and smashed a personal best on average pace time today. 5:45 per km to 5:30 per km. Not bad considering the lack of running last week! 


However, things are on the up! The assignment is nearly finished and then a few more weeks to go and this module will be finished. Then I will have 15 hours study time per week to plan routes, rest stops, shower stops, overnight stops and everything else. Not to mention try and train even more! 


And the best bit is, that despite my current lack of time to organise, everyone is still being extremely supportive through Facebook, Twitter, and The Big Give. If you break it down, I only need to be sponsored £100 per Munro and we will have hit target. Lets get solar panels down at the yard so we can provide better therapy, all year round. 

Training 2

22 February 2016, 12:00 am
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Before Christmas (yes - I am only just getting around to blogging about this particular event), I went to the wilds of Dartmoor with my brother-in-law Owen who is a Summer Mountain Leader.

This was specifically for Navigation training. Don't get me wrong - I already had plenty of navigation experience...... I was just a little bit rusty! 

By the end of the weekend, I was back up to speed and ready to go on my Munro Marathon with the necessary skills under my belt to not get lost. Or, if I do get lost, to find myself again!


A couple more training sessions are scheduled in the diary. One on Salisbury Plain - home turf and personal stomping ground (I don't know why the army have to use it so much). And another full weekend practice expedition over Easter in Dartmoor. Isla will be tagging along too this time as she will be a year old and better able to cope with several full days of walking! 

Watch this space! 


9 February 2016, 12:00 am
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Hi everyone,


This is the 3rd installment of my blog. Just a quick update to show you how we are getting on. I have been running five times

What is a Munro marathon?

9 February 2016, 12:00 am
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What is a Munro Marathon? Well, it is at least a marathon (26) of Scottish mountains above 3000 feet, in 3 weeks.

Why would I do something this crazy? To help raise funds for the charity God Unlimited - specifically the solar panel project. If we hit the fundraising Target (£3000) then we can match fund the amount to achieve the total we need of £9000! But, this is also for me. Too long spent at home studying and not enough time out there, in creation, spending time just ... being (and walking of course!) When is it happening? I will depart on 10th July 2016........ And return 3 weeks later. What happens in the meantime? At the moment, I am training and improving my fitness by running 5 times per week. Closer to the time, I will start carrying a 20kg rucksack around on dog walks to try and get fitter for that. I need to buy more kit and plan all of the routes, not to mention get Isla trained up to carrying 25% of her bodyweight in her rucksack too. And, I will be telling you guys all about it, every step of the way!

In the beginning

18 January 2016, 12:00 am
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Every journey starts with a first step, while this is not a step it is the first blog post! heres to many more.