Gul Ambassadors

God Unlimited's first Ambassador, Sylvia Ormiston. Head of the Balmoral stud, Sylvia is passionate about the ponies – a passion she shares with the Queen herself. Ever since Queen Victoria bought Balmoral in 1852, the estate has kept an unbroken line of Highlands – and our current monarch has been instrumental in promoting and preserving this rare native breed. For Sylvia, keeping Her Majesty’s ponies happy and healthy isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life, A long time supporter of Gul Sylvia has been key to providing us with several members of our team including our 2 of our current ponies, McDuff and now our latest addition, Curlew.

Now a part of the Gul family Sylvia's role will be to continue her support of Gul and to take advantage of any and all opportunities to sing our praises to those in the highlands.

Thank you Sylvia

Donna joined the Gul family in 2015 after becoming interested in Gul because of her daughter, who is also a volunteer at the Charity, as a result Donna is well aware of the benefits that Gul can offer to families and is willing and able to sing our praises to anyone who will listen with genuine enthusiasm. In her day job Donna is a youth social worker and social media fanatic, making her a perfect fit and able to help Gul in several areas. From promotion through to programming advice, Donna gives her time for free and we are very grateful indeed.

Thank you Donna