Gul Staff


Dr Celia was one of the original founder of Gul, her drive and commitment to improving the lives of disadvantaged individuals continues to inspire those at Gul. Dr Celia is the lead clinician at Gul and oversees all aspects of the charities running, particularly its mental health aspects. In her spare time, Dr Celia is a practicing GP and member of Wiltshire CCG. in her other life she can be found on the back of her pony somewhere on Salisbury Plain.

Equine Team lead, Therapist and Riding Coach

Hannah and her trusty side-kick Mim are in charge of running the yard. she has a PDD in social and therapeutic horticulture as a result, Hannah keeps the ponies staff and beneficiaries healthy and happy. Hannah is never happier than when she is in her greenhouse as a result her Garden looks incredible and the Bustard team get a steady supply of flowers and veg.

Marketing and Fundraising

James works to make the wider world aware of the incredible work that Gul does. Outside of work he is crazy about keeping tropical fish, ask him about it sometime... but only if you have lots of free time!

Riverside Yard Manager

Sammi manages the team at Riverside with yard duties, rides and therapy. She is great fun to be around and all of our youngsters love her fun attitude to life, Sammi is a qualified Assistant Ride leader.


James is one of of therapists, he works with all beneficiaries at the site and is a highly competent and motivated person. in his free time he enjoys any sport you can throw at him but especially Fencing and Golf.

Equine and Health Team Member

Stuart helps with all aspects at the yard including grooming and leading ponies and taking out rides, he is also an NHS CHAT worker and therefore a great listener and essential member of the Gul team

Equine Team Member and Senior Volunteer Coordinator

Sue is the go to person at Gul, she has one of everything or knows someone who does! Sue is an active volunteer and has been a part of Gul from the very beginning

Therapy Assistant and Equine Team Member

Naomi is a therapist at Gul and part of the Bustard and Yard Teams, she is a real caring soul and takes the work she does seriously, she also makes the best cakes in Wiltshire and probably the world! 

Equine Team Member

Guls very own walking encyclopedia, David is a pub quiz master and resident joke machine, he is also a very experienced groom and is party to all the goings on at the yard.

Admin Team Member

Michael assists at the office in everything from administrative tasks to HR, he is also a very experienced musician and has a strong Christian faith.

Equine Team Member

Rebekah works mainly in the Bustard office as a bookkeeper but also volunteers as a yard assistant on Saturdays, she is a key member of the Bustard house team and loves spending time with her pony Joseph.

Yard Assistant

Tegan works on a part time basis at the yard, she loves the ponies and gets on well with all the visitors to Gul