Residential Therapy

In 2009 Gul purchased The Bustard, an 18th century coaching inn on the outskirts of Shrewton. The Bustard has been many things over the years: 

  • a coaching inn on the old turnpike road from Devizes to Salisbury
  • possibly a hide-out for a highwayman 
  • the place where Queen Victoria is said to have stopped for a cream tea, en-route north from Salisbury
  • a private residence
  • a racing stables
  • the HQ of the Old Hawking Club, who kept their falcons and hawks in the Inn
  • a stopping point for royalty whilst visiting troops using the Plain
  • and an officers' mess in both worlds wars

Nowadays the building is used by Gul and we have set about re purposing the Inn for own use. Read about this work HERE

Today we use the Bustard to provide long and short term residential accommodation for people accessing Gul’s services. In particular we target our provision at veterans and their families, especially those who are suffering with homelessness, substance abuse or domestic difficulties. The Bustard is available for any who need it for as long as they need it. This could be an overnight stay while they attend a training course or summer activity, or as a long term home in a stable family community, to help individuals get back on their feet.

The Bustard is staffed continuously and has a house family in full time residence. For accommodation purposes we have two twin rooms with en-suite bathrooms and one larger bunk-style room which can sleep 8.

As part of its therapeutic provision Gul is able to offer:

  • medical-led mental health assessment and management
  • physiotherapy
  • social support.
  • and we can also offer volunteer positions and work experience to help build confidence and teach valuable work skills needed for future employment

To find out more about how Gul can help you or someone you know get in touch HERE.